Welcome to CreditED

CreditED is an Interactive Online Financial Literacy program that helps people absorb, comprehend and retain information at up to three times the average reading, speaking and traditional learning pace. By completing CreditED you will be equipped with the essential knowledge requirements that you will need to know about loans. Responsible Lenders require people to understand loan terminology and want people to fully consider their current and future needs.

What to expect -

CreditED is delivered as a series of 7 video tutorials accompanies by mini quizzes at the end of each tutorial. You can watch each tutorial episode or try the quiz first. Once you've correctly completed all the quizzes you will receive a Certificate of Attainment.

How long will it take?

Depending on your level of prior knowledge and whether you view all the videos, completing CreditED should take less than one hour. The video tutorials run for approximately 35 minutes in total. CreditED can be done at your own pace. You can stop and Return to continue CreditED at any time.

What now?

Click on COMMENCE and follow the prompts to start the program.
Click on RETURN if you've already commenced the program.
Click on HELP if you need any assistance.

The CreditED tutorials contain video and audio. Please ensure your computer has speakers or headphones before commencing.